The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away

You didn’t want me then, so don’t want me now. It’s funny how you didn’t realize then who I am now. Was I too ordinary, peculiar and not like the rest? All I ever wanted was to share my dreams with you but I guess in your eyes I wasn’t good enough for you.

You claimed to not be ready but in less than a month you present to her a ring (Mmmm! Funny).

Man-Crying-FabFashionReportYour insecurities you blamed on me, you should have been a man and shared your hopes, dreams and fears with me but no you pre-judged me.

Grandma ma always said that, “They always find a way to come back, and when they do they let you know that it really wasn’t you who was the problem, they just weren’t man enough to accept the woman in you, trust me darling they all can see your light, they just can’t handle it’s glare”.

I have no regrets nor do I hate you, I just can’t believe that at that time I actually liked you and almost loved you.

You played a good game of Chess with my mind, with my body and with my love for you. Now was that even necessary of you? Was I a threat to you? Tell me, did I do anything to you? I’m not flawless not by any means, but the difference between you and me is I’m willing to humble myself and admit I should have never even F*$!@D with you.

But then again I’m glad I did I am who I am today because of you. No matter the damage done I still and yet have love and care for you I guess because “I forgive you”. What I look like crying and being bitter over you? You had me believing that I wasn’t good enough for you but the real deal was I was too much of a woman for you.

Money-Hands-FabFashionReportI guess you were used to those who were just as superficial as you. You placed your self-worth in material possession’s lacking true integrity and the very essence of a man. Your cars, clothes, money and hoes spoke volumes of the true you. Listen baby those girls ain’t going to love you and they’re going to leave once you stop giving what they want from you.

Just think if you didn’t have those 20 inch rims, fresh kicks, pocket change out the A$$, trips to Miami sipping Ciroc in a pretty little glass, would she love you the same? Would she touch you the same?

I never begged on asked of you and if I did it was because I truly needed it. Don’t dare fall on hard times because you going to watch baby girl flip the script on you, leave you’re A$$, drag you to court for child support taking all your hard earned Ca$h.

Oops! I’m sorry I got carried away a bit, It’s just I’m so passionate about what I feel and I mean every word I say.

You took my kindness for weakness and never gave me a chance to reveal to you who it is I truly am. Don’t even dare come back into my life to try and be friends, if I wasn’t much to you then I’m no good to you now. When I think about it I had no business even being with you.

It was my fault I knew good and well what you were about but see I didn’t judge you I really did love you. No! I don’t hate you; I don’t hate any of you. Even till this day I will never bash you why? Because I’m such a F$#$@’N lady and then how would that make me look? I’m just sitting here thinking to myself, “Damn I used to love you”


The One That Got Away…….

(This article is to multiple males I’ve encountered in my life and not just one in particular, but if the shoe fits please make sure you tie your shoes, I don’t want you to trip.)