Police Brutality in African-American Communities

Police Brutality. As American as apple pie…

If the Japanese hadn’t created the cell phone camera which has caught police brutality I’m not certain CNN, MSNBC or FOX would have much concern, if any at all, for the unarmed African American men, women and children who’ve been killed on video by perception and abuse of power-driven police officers.

I’m unsure if the Japanese ever received an official apology from any American for the Enola Gay’s airborne nuclear gifts delivered to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But, if not, I’d like to apologize to them and thank them succinctly for the cell phone camera’s creation; as it has proven African American grievances with video proof.

Without this invention-are we crystal clear that none of this national conversation about police brutalizing and policing the Black Community differently would even be happening?

Are we also effervescently clear that the African American grievances and alleged whining, by the observations of some, particularly those at Foxnews, are in fact whines based in the absolute truth? Great…

Black-Muslim-protest-vs-police-brutality-Gordon-Parks-1963-500x368Imagine now, if every African American interaction with police had all been recorded throughout the history of policing; man o man=that’s indeed one scary thought and one that makes me cringe at the probable injustices that may have probably been disregarded and stepped over as the inconsequential and assumed pouting of the Black Community.

Our grievances and lives historically have never mattered to the majority which is why the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter has taken hold in the twenty-first century. We will make our lives matter even though they’ve never mattered to some-is the underlying message.

I’d wager a further guess and assume too that the mass incarceration of Black males could’ve been the mass incarceration of White males had we had the proof of video evidence during the days of the infamous slave patrol and night watches-which were both two entities responsible for the birth of law enforcement .

The Black Panther Party warned us all of police brutality some sixty years ago and the proof of their claims have been authenticated via video the world has seen over and over in recent years.

If our history shows us nothing; it in fact shows a consistency and hardcore fail of community building when the police, who are meant to protect and serve, are seen by the African American Community as villains and murderers protected by state and federal laws.

Source: New York Post

In the past five years we’ve seen more than enough proof of people not even being charged, and in some cases, being exonerated after killing an African American man, women and even child-and it being on VIDEO. Huh?

There is a horrifying double standard in American Policing and judicial judgment of its African American population when the fact remains Blacks are ten times more likely to be killed during any police interaction and three times more likely to be found guilty of crimes they didn’t even commit by the judicial system. That, in the words of any equality seeker-is an imbalance of justice.

On almost a monthly basis on social media and on any given day you’ll see or hear of another African American (usually male) being exonerated after spending half his life behind bars for something he didn’t do. The system is broken when people are spending half of their lives behind bars for something they didn’t do. The time to revamp and change the entire system is upon us.

On a different note-but with no less regard for the aforementioned- if you’re Black and have had any interaction in life with law enforcement you may have heard these comments from an officer once or twice and in a similar tone or fashion:

“License and registration!!!! Stop reaching for my gun!! Stop resisting!! Where are you going!! Are there any drugs or guns in the vehicle!!! Stay in the car!! You fit the description of someone we’re looking for!! Show me your hands!!”

Source: New York Times

Any of those typical police comments sound familiar? Of course they do. Unfortunately, African Americans are perceived to be a greater danger in American society most likely due to the assumptions based around Black on Black crime and the perceived notions of African American behavior.

We’ve been drawn as a danger from the programming of our media, television and motion picture adaptations we see and support. Therefore, when we are questioned or interrogated at a simple traffic stop by police, in most cases, the officer’s mind is on high alert-he’s already thinking we’re doing something unlawful or capable of doing something unlawful to him- before we even have the opportunity to express our innocence or personal control.

The adage of the African being a savage has been a staple of our man made American identification. One dubious assumption of a people but logical when the goal is to diminish the very existence of their lives as meaningless. Did someone say three-fifths a human being? Freudian slip-excuse me.

When these comments are said with a tone of aggression, condescension or belittlement in no way are they the start of a non-confrontational interaction. They are however the start of a confrontational initiation to any conversation, which, horrifyingly has ended in the early and unconscionable deaths of numerous African Americans across our country.

This must stop. When an officer of the law interacts with any African American said African American should be treated with the same dignity and respect as any other civil rights granted citizen of the union, right?

Per morality-it’s right. Per, freedom, justice and equality- its right-so why do our sworn by oath officers get it wrong? I believe there is a national need for a full scale sweep of police forces across the country. One similar to the Department of Justice’ sweep of Ferguson’s cesspool of racist vigilantes who were exposed for trading racist emails and issuing fraudulently written bogus tickets which were used to bolster the city’s economy.

How disgusting, I know. Clearly, not everyone sworn to protect and serve their community is protecting and serving their community. Some, excuse me, many, sworn to oath police officers put on their biases, ill-thoughts and racist views as they are also putting on their uniform and gun belt. That is a huge problem in America Policing that must be addressed and discovered during the hiring process.

That said, let’s change the notion-quick fast and in a hurry- that African Americans are always complaining about their issues. I have a special “shut up” for those who display that echo of disregard for our issues in America as I see them as part of the overall problem and never an inkling of the solution.

Our issues are real and we’ve been crying and dying over them for decades. We’ve had the daunting task of expressing grievances of police brutality on the plateau of deaf ears and uncaring fellow citizens and that my friends is a pain the African American Community carries deep within its very heart. This fight against police brutality has been our own as we are its constant and incessant victim.

As President Obama makes plans to demilitarize our police forces it is indeed a breath of fresh air to anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with law enforcement officials who must either be related to Forrest Gump or Rambo.

Nonetheless, the faster we get to the root of police brutality- and the ugly tentacles that are born from it- the faster we can mend the every growing damaged relationship between the African American Community and the nationwide police force.

Transformation Jones

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