Philly Small Business Fashion Week (Season 3) Couture Show

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The Philly Small Business Fashion Week (Season 3) ended in epic style with the couture fashion show. The lavish designers strutted their designs for a packed venue. Special celebrity guest were in the building and the energy was electric.

The extravaganza presented by Embacy Entertainment and Dawane Cromwell, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz and benefited the Darby Foundation.

Designers featured on this night were Clavons Wear, OurKulture Clothing, ClothiGami, Kaja Lingerie, Landa Style Collection, Bohn Jsell Collections, Semoner Designs, Dajon J, Classic Royalty, and Forever Do Me.

The models hit the runway in style from the very beginning and the first designer the tone was set for the night.

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Stand out designer Ebony Gambrell of Clothigami had an amazing presentation on the runway. Her fashions were unique and stylish, the models looked confident wearing her fashions. The audience gave Ms. Gamble an energetic applause as she walked with her featured model.


Another stand out of the night was Landa Style Collection and Clavons Wear both had awesome presentations for day 5 of Philly Small Business Fashion Week. Each designer brought something special to the runway with their beautiful designs. Couture is so amazing and FabFashionReport enjoyed every minute.

Clavons Wear was super stylish and we loved his men’s suits. His fashions are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and make a style statement. Based in New York City, this wonderful designer came to Philly to represent.

Philly Small Business Fashion Week (Season 3) Day 5 Couture Show
Philly Small Business Fashion Week (Season 3) Day 5 Couture Show

Philly music artist Neef Buck shoot his music video for “Pretty Girl” featuring singer Raheem Devaugn. Neef also premiered his new athletic line “Forever Do Me” during PSBFW Season 3 couture show.

Notable models of the night were the beautiful Alana Rosa Edwards, Natalia Inez, Leslie Flores, Teresa Scicchitano and male models McCoy Scott, Patrick Tadros, and Trayce Shaw.

DJ Akomplish kept the music on point and up-beat the entire evening. Adding dramatic sound to each designers runway presentation.

Organizers of the Philly Small Business Fashion Week set out when the event was first created to give smaller upcoming designers and boutiques an opportunity to showcase their fashion and beauty lines. Most high profile designers and model steal most of the spotlight with larger events in the fashion industry.

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But Dawane and his awesome team at Embacy Entertainment saw a vision and put together this wonderful event. Recently expanding to Philly Kids Fashion Week and Philly Teen Fashion Week.

Philly Small Business Fashion Week (Season 3) Day 5 Couture Show
Philly Small Business Fashion Week (Season 3) Day 5 Couture Show

The Darby Foundation was created to empower and inspire children through sports and lifestyle.

Other notable sponsors included MIMS Magazine, City of Philadelphia, Ty-Lite, Somerset Academy, UR IT Magazine, Promise Hair, Dreamy Eyes Artistry, Queen Size Magazine, PHL 17, Runway Imagery, Fashion United, Embacy Modeling Agency, In Magazine, E-Volve, Yuengling, Clique Vodka, The Billion Brand, Bluecoat American Dry Gin, Big Bella Donna Fashion, Philly Streets Magazine.

Days 4 and 5 of Philadelphia Small Business Fashion Week was held at “Open Space” located at 1014 N. Marshall Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Philly Small Business Fashion Week (Season 3) Day 5 Couture Show
Philly Small Business Fashion Week (Season 3) Day 5 Couture Show

Visit for more details on upcoming events like the next Philly SB Fashion Week, Philly Kids Fashion Week, Philly Teen Fashion Week, and Cooking Up Couture.

Special Shoutout to: Dawane Cromwell, Arrington Crawford, Jessica Ruiz, BizzyBahDee, Linda Whitfield, Tuesday Jordan-Phillips, Katrinia Freeman, Frank Siegel, Kai Gilkerson, Kinshasa Hunter, Camille Marine-Kemp, Kiaa Cier, Nisha Blackwell, Chelsea FameUs Ruffin, De Angelo, Geanina Matara, John Staples, Tamika White, Lamont Jeana Bowling, Pamela Teresa, Ann Olivia Hlabangana-Clay, Tanisha Butt,  Jlyne Mua, Terrell M Powell, Anna Cecchi Smith.

Photos By: FabFashionReport

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