My Black Girl Fashion Blog Top 10 List


I wish that I had more time to read, because I am always seeing new and innovative ways to enjoy the Art of Fashion. Women of Color have the sassiest Fashion blogs and they always keep me on urban trend and frankly they are super pretty to read and occasionally (a LOT) I purchase a few things they either they sell or they have as featured products!

I wanted to share their black girl fashion blogs with you so that you could enjoy them as well. Some of these Bloggerista’s I know, some of them I only dream about actually meeting one day because they are so damn Bayd!

Check out my list and holla back and tell me what you think, let me know who you think that I have missed.

1. The Curvy Fashionista
Marie Denee’s The Curvy Fashionista is where I grab a lot of my professional and style inspiration from. As a plus sized girl myself I like to stay stylish and Marie Denee is ON TREND. She also really fights and writes for the Curvy Fashion Community, not just with outfits for the day, but she tackles the WHOLE Curvy way of life through the lens of Fashion! Her blog is truly a form of art.

2. Fashion Camp
Fashion Camp is totally Fashion Forward with a little bit of Street Chic. Kena knows her fashion and I love her wide-eyed, fabulous finds! I love my subscription to her Black Girl Fashion Blog!

3. Love Brown Sugar
Christina Brown is a Power Blogger featured in soooo many magazines, including the motherlode: Vogue. I like Love Brown Sugar because the pictures are so pretty, but also because she is a Normal Sized girl who features herself in beauty and fashion situations that I could actually see myself in. I also really love her hair.

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4. Divas and Dorks
Divas and Dorks is a Fashion and Tech Blog, because I love both Fashion and Tech I am constantly living through her FAB life vicariously!! I love the whole Urban-Ness of her Divas online platform.

5. Gorgeous in Grey
The title of this Black Girl Fashion Blog caught my eye and then I started seeing this uber pretty sista with the Grey hair all over the place! Essence Festivals and anywhere else that the fabulous and fashionable gathered! I love this Blog because she speaks to me and I love how bold she is with grey hair!!…She is!


6. The Psychology of Style
My Soror(Yeas Honey, the Reds), Amber has one of the prettiest blogs period. I love how her blog posts are really thought out and go beyond just pretty pictures. We all wear and choose certain outfits-but why? She delves into all of that while discussing what’s on Trend and Fabulous! Its a really thought provoking way of looking at fashion.

7. Afrobella
Of course there is no denying the Fabulousness of Afrobella! She has been blogging before it was the fashionable thing to do. I love her organic takes on everything and this certainly puts her in my Top 10 Black Girl Fashion Blog List.

I just learned about this Chicago Sistas Crazy Cool Blog of Fashion! I love how she reports and chats up fashion! I am a new fan!!

This Sista writes about fashion for fashion sake! I love when I see Black Girls who are writing about fashion-well! She has been featured in lots of publications as well and even has other online platforms!

10. Fashion Bomb Daily
Come on, you knew that it was coming! Who is in fashion and does not read this blog? Its a mixture of Fashion, Celebs and all the Urban Beauty that you can handle. I have been following Claire for years and I kinda feel like she is one of the reasons that I got hooked up on that trip to London, even though she doesn’t know who I am! I love this Blog, I have seen it morph and grow as Claire’s career and fame has grown!!…I follow her on ALL facets of Social Media Honey….that heffa is bad to the Bone!

If I missed any of your favorites, please share them with me in the comments below!

The Official Classy BlackGirl,
Sharelle D. Lowery
Style & Wine Correspondent