How to Break into Fashion With Stylist Michael ‘Maikeeb Kills’ Benyamin

How to Break into Fashion With Stylist Michael ‘Maikeeb Kills’ Benyamin

Celebrity stylist Michael ‘Maikeeb Kills’ Benyamin has been on the rise for several years. As the stylist for Keke Palmer he is making noise in the fashion world with his edgy looks.

The 22-year-old fashion stylist from New York is known for styling both print and online editorials for various publications. Flaunting a degree in Fashion Business  and a dedicated team based in New York, LA, Miami and Atlanta.

It’s not often that we come across 22 year old stylist with clients who are making such serious waves. He says, “I started to become a fan of really strong females in the entertainment industry as a teen.

I became obsessed with their fashion, their fashion risks and just everything they wore. One of my biggest inspirations up until now is Gaga.” He continues, “When I turned 20 I started interning for stylists. I then interned for magazines and I became a sponge, absorbing everyone around me and how they do their work in the industry.”

In fashion it isn’t always about degrees and accolades, often times fashion professionals have to devote years of interning under the pioneers in the industry until they get their shot. Michael says, “I actually did not (Study fashion in school).

I pretty much taught myself everything that I needed to learn about fashion with the help of my internships and mentors. I attended a community college for a business degree.”

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He continues, “My style inspirations are Mel Ottenberg, whom I used to intern for, Brandon Maxwell, Shiona Turini, and one of my ultimate faves, Law Roach.”  Following in the footsteps of Law Roach, who received most of his notoriety after taking on Zendaya as a client and shutting down the fashion scene, Makeeb couldn’t have met a better muse to take the industry by storm.

He added, “I’ve always loved and admired seeing a fashion story or celebrity and being able to identify who styled them based off of their outfits alone. I love stylists who’s work stands out of from bunch.” 

20 degree weather and DKNY high waist shorts doesn’t sound so foreign to Keke Palmer and her stylist. He says that Keke is the perfect client for him because they have the same taste. “She loves high fashion street wear and finds elegance in a simple white dress or even a pastel colored fur coat and that is what I love doing.”

Maikeeb says that Keke is very involved in choosing looks, “I show her looks I want to get for her, she sends me things all the time that inspire her or that she wants to wear and we get it for her. I mean we literally talk all day about her looks and what direction she wants to go in.”

Critics are comparing Keke’s style choices to those of Rihanna. Considering that Maikeeb was once an intern for Mel Ottenberg, we asked if Rihanna has the played a part in his styling style. He says, “I wouldn’t say Rihanna has influenced my style.

I definitely love Mel Ottenberg’s work and Rihanna’s as well. But I don’t believe that every actress or pop star in the industry that wears high fashion street wear or Vetements is trying to be Rihanna. I think they simply just like that style.”

For more on Michael ‘Maikeeb Kills’ Benyamin, check out his Instagram, @maikeeb_kills. This post was originally spotted on FashionBombDaily.