Maggiano’s Restaurant Review

Maggianos Restaurant Review

Maggiano’s 12th & Filbert Location, Philadelphia

On Friday July 5, 2013 I joined a friend and his family for his birthday celebration at Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant located at 12th & Filbert St. here in Center City, Philadelphia and the service was HORRID.

Out of all my life I never experienced bad service such as this. It’s funny because I’ve been to that particular Maggiano’s on two or more occasions for lunch and dinner, but with a whole different group of people.

I don’t want to pull the RACE CARD, so I rather consider that visit as just plain ole BAD SERVICE. All seven of us stood at the entrance while others who arrived were greeted and seated accordingly.

So we waited, waited, waited and waited. My friend had to ask for assistance twice and still yet we stood there talking and waiting to be seated.

So, we finally got seated to a table after about an hour of standing (I’m so glad I wore my flats) and guess where our table was located? (Near The Kitchen). We heard pots and pans hitting the floor, plates and glasses being broken it was just weird.

Maggianos Philly

Our waitress was non-existent and not so pleasant or helpful but yet and still we maintained our composure and brushed off the long wait and the rude impatient attitude. We were given menus and one basket of bread for a table full of seven hungry people.

We were so hungry we ate the basket of bread in minutes, so we asked our waitress (I think her name was Melissa or something with an M) for more bread and that was also a wait.

As I sat there I watched her attend to her other guest that sat at the tables surrounding us, and she was pleasant, patient and attentive to their every need but when one of us asked we were told to wait with an attitude.

She finally came to our table to take our orders and only two of us ordered appetizers. Do you know how long it took those appetizers to come our table? (A long time) I guess the reason why none of us got GANGSTA! was because we were so busy talking and telling funny stories that the time had gotten away from us.

So, we filled our belly’s with bread and continued with our funny stories.

After a while the gentleman that sat with us finally had enough with the wait and asked our waitress where our orders were, she then went on with a lame excuse as to why and brushed us off and went to another table (Funny) but here’s the kicker, within less than one minute our food was being delivered to our table.

It looked as if the food was sitting to the side for quite some time because my Chicken Parm was lukewarm and my noodles was starting to stick to each other. We were dreadfully hungry so we ate our food in about 20 minutes tops, we were done and ready to pay for our food and go.

We were at Maggiano’s for almost three and a half hours and it only took us about 15-20 minutes to eat our food. She took her good ole time getting the checks together and NO! she did not get a tip from not one of us. We paid for our food and that was that we were OUTTA THERE!.

I don’t think I will be visiting that location of Maggiano’s again. I actually like Maggiano’s because their food is so good, but what I experienced on Friday was a total complete turn-off.

I don’t know what to make of that situation but the whole staff seen us standing there and not one attempted to greet us and treat us as people who were coming to a restaurant to eat and enjoy the atmosphere.

As I stated earlier I visited Maggiano’s on a few occasions (Eeeehhem! But with different people) and I never seen such BAD SERVICE!

So was it that the staff was so busy attending to the needs of others and they overlooked us by mistake or was it that they saw seven African-Americans standing at the door???

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