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Model Alana Rosa Edwards Interview FabFashionReport
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­FabFashionReport met this emerging model Alana Rosa Edwards at the “Philadelphia Small Business Fashion Week” Season 3. The minute she introduced herself we were blown away by her professionalism and love for her craft.

Immediately after the fashion show I reached out and set up an interview with the lovely runway model.

FabFashionReport: Tell us about yourself?

Alana Edwards: I am 24 years old from The Bronx, New York. I am the middle child of 3 siblings, all 7 years apart. I am also a single mother of a 9-year-old son, which has inspired me to stay determined and grind. ­

FabFashionReport: How did you get into modeling?

rsz_faceAlana Edwards: I started modeling after rekindling a love for photography and being photogenic. I was an assistant for a wardrobe stylist and was starting a career in prop styling/set design and I started asking myself if I was going to stay behind the scenes assisting other people my whole life.

I wanted to be in the spotlight, and recently I was gaining a lot more confidence in myself, so I decided to organize my own shoots and the rest is history.­

FabFashionReport: What are your goals as a model?

Alana Edwards: At the current moment I have four goals I plan to achieve at some point during my modeling career. To be published in a major magazine, to see myself on a billboard, to open a multipurpose school for brand ambassadors and in­house creative talent, and to keep promoting and supporting a new fashion division for curvy models that are technically not “plus size or full figured”. ­

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FabFashionReport: Are you signed to a modeling agency?

Alana Edwards: I am not signed to an agency but I am working on representation currently throughout the tri­state area. ­

Alana Rosa Edwards-3FabFashionReport: Where do you see yourself in 5­-10 years?

Alana Edwards: I see myself in those advertisements and commercials I seek, while also being a brand ambassador for many major companies. I also want to merge my photography and magazine into my modeling fully, along with anything else creative I will be up to at the time. I want to fully work for myself, and immerse myself into my network. ­

FabFashionReport: What is your biggest quality that makes you stand out from other models?

Alana Edwards: I believe that I am very versatile. My size enables me to both attend straight size shows while also being considered plus size. People keep asking me to pick a side and frankly I don’t get why. I naturally change my hair at least 5 times a year from natural to weaves and I also wear wigs so the look is easy to change. I can adapt easily to a situation given proper notice, sometimes this works to my advantage during runway shows because it gives me the adrenaline to perform more for the crowd. ­ ­

Alana Rosa Edwards-4FabFashionReport: What is your dream magazine you would love to be featured in for a photo shoot & layout?

Alana Edwards: My dream magazine is Elements. I love the quality of the images published and their shoots are always a lot of fun! I have never shot for their mag as a model but I assisted a photo shoot that was published when I was still designing jewelry and accessories. ­

FabFashionReport: What modeling work are you most proud of & why?

Alana Edwards: I am most proud of my recent work with Gregory Maxx from Philly. He is the only photographer I’ve worked with since visiting Philly and the shoot flowed so well. I had so much fun shooting and since it was our first time working together we initially decided not to shoot for publication. But the images came out very nice so we may still publish them. ­

FabFashionReport: If you had to describe yourself in two words, what would they be?

Alana Edwards: Ambitious and cautious. While both words may somewhat contradict each other I believe they work for me. I am open minded to a lot of concepts and people. But I am always aware of those attempting to take advantage of a situation, especially when the person is willing to do anything. I’ve learned it’s okay to say no to a project if things aren’t sounding proper. Time is of the essence. ­

FabFashionReport: If you had one modeling wish, which runway show would you love to walk the runway for?

Alana Rosa Edwards-5
Alana Rosa Edwards “The Photographer”

Alana Edwards: I would love to walk in some of the Bronner Bros hair shows down south in Atlanta. I am excited about reaching that goal, I love to watch the creativity of the hair stylists and everyone involved. A very visually appealing show which gives a lot of press exposure, in which is great for models venturing into new markets and such. Lastly, I’m trying to have fun and get paid at the same time.

We enjoyed our interview with the talented Alana Rosa Edwards as she continues to grow her brand and live out her dreams. We wish Alana much success and well wishes on her career.

Alana Rosa Edwards
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