Fabulous Fall Winter Fashion Trends To Consider Rocking

Fabulous Fall Winter 2016 Fashion Trends To Consider Rocking

The 2016 Fall/Winter season is here center stage and finding out what to wear can be a challenge. Here are the hottest fashion trends for you to look fab this season. 

Bubblegum Pink

The color pink has always been a color designers cleverly blend into their collections. This season Bubblegum Pink has took a stronger role on the runways. The fashion industry is changing and pink is a color that’s growing in popularity.


The runways for the 2016.17 Fall/Winter collections have featured plenty of leather. Designers like Alexander Wang, Dior, Isabel Marant, and more have added more leather to their collections to spur fashion trends.

Midnight Blue Velvet

Velvet has been making a comeback since last Fall and fashion trendsetters have noticed. Designers such as Ralph Lauren, Prada, Giorgio Armani, and more have infused Midnight Blue Velvet into their arsenals.

Leopard Print

We have been seeing leopard print everywhere on the runways and in the streets. Prints are hot, and leopard furs from designers like Prada, Moschino, Givenchy, and more.


Known to the world as Sheepskin, the Shearling craze was last popular in the 80’s. I’ve seen photos of my parents wearing Shearlings and always thought of them looking nice. The recent fashion kick has designers crafting full length Shearling dresses, skirts, bags, and more.

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Military Jackets

The camel military prints are fading fast and being replaced by revamped designs from Prada, Miu Miu, and more. Solid colors, bows, stripes are in style this fall.

Couture Red

Red is also a Winter color too and couture red has been lighting up the runways the Fall/Winter fashion season. Designers of all levels creating outfits with couture red for the season. This color should be apart of your wardrobe in 2016 and 2017.