Exclusive Interview With Male Model Trayce Shaw

Exclusive Interview With Male Model Trayce Shaw FabFashionReport
Photography: Shooterz Photos

Trayce Shaw is an exciting runway model we had the pleasure to meet at the “Philadelphia Small Business Fashion Week” (Season 3). Trayce was one of the runway models that stood out during each days events.

FabFashionReport had to set up an interview with this rising male model.

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Check out Trayce Shaw’s exclusive interview on FabFashionReport:

So tell us about yourself Trayce?

I’m Trayce Shaw, 19 years old from Philadelphia, Pa. I’ve been working in this industry as a model for about 4 years now, though last year I wasn’t very active and just recently decided to re-brand myself and really step up my game this year.

Since this industry is basically my life I also work as an instructor at John Casablancas, where I teach a range of classes like runway basics/theatrics, makeup application and even a few commercial acting classes here and there.

Male Model Trayce Shaw FabFashionReportAlso people just really need to know that I love puppies, okay. who doesn’t…

How did you get into modeling?

When I was about 14 or 15 years old. I started really getting into fashion from watching RuPaul’s Drag race, I mean the fashion on that show is always incredible how could I not fall in love with it? That just evolved into a love for just about everything because when you think about it some of it’s a huge collaboration.

Models/Actors, photographers, hair/makeup artists, designers and directors work together to create something amazing. I really wanted to be a part of that so I actually took modeling and acting classes at the very same place I teach now John Casablancas and that is where I got my start.

What are your goals as a model?

I feel like my goals as a model are mostly the same as any other model out there. I want to be a well known model that consistently does great work around the industry. Having great models like Shaun Ross and Grace Jones be huge idols of mine, I’ve learned that you definitely don’t have to fit some sort of template to be successful in this business.

I’m not a fan templates within the industry and don’t want anyone to ever think that you have to be a cookie cutter version of someone else to be successful. So to answer you’re question I guess one of my bigger goals would to be to carry on that idea.

Philly Small Business Fashion Week (Season 3) Couture Show Model Trayce Shaw
Philly Small Business Fashion Week (Season 3) Day 5 Couture Show Model Trayce Shaw

Are you signed to a modeling agency?

I’m not signed with an Agency at the moment actually. I really didnt want to for a while the first one I was with left a bad taste in my mouth, but who knows I probably would like to sign with an agency soon. Only the future can tell.

Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?

Well they say you cant keep modeling past a certain age, but the lovely Maye Musk is 68 years young and still killing it so maybe I’ll be as lucky! Seeing as the odds of that are very slim I would still love to be doing this 5 to 10 years from now but if not maybe I can start another new chapter and try my hand at designing fashion. If I’m doing anything in this industry in the future I know I’ll be happy and satisfied with it.

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What is your biggest quality that makes you stand out from other male models in the industry?

Other than my amazing hair (HA)? I think the thing that definitely makes me stand out from other models especially the male models around is my more androgynous qualities.  Remember how I said Grace Jones was one of my idols? That’s because I feel that we both have that in common, I have both very masculine and very feminine qualities and I’m never afraid to go to either side of the spectrum to present my look.

Model Trayce Shaw Runway2
Photography: Kristina Mercado

Unlike most male models I wouldn’t be afraid to bring those qualities into my work and I’m actually hoping that people I work with will utilize that because I think it would definitely turn some heads around here and within the industry.

What is your dream magazine you would love to be featured in for a photo shoot & layout?

I would absolutely love to do a photo shoot & layout for Wonderland Magazine. I feel that magazine is always so aesthetically pleasing.

What modeling work are you most proud of & why?

I’m proud of all the work I’ve been doing lately really. I’m very proud to be working on an upcoming event “The Art Gala”, it’s something so different from anything I’ve ever done before or even seen so I love that.

I’m getting the opportunity to work with so many great and talented people you can just tell it’s going to be a great show. The event is also raising money for CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) and since I was in and out of that hospital growing up I thought it was pretty cool to be a part of something that’s helping a great cause.

If you had to describe yourself in two words, what would they be?

I’m definitely one of the more Imaginative people that I know, especially compared to the people I grew up around.  I’m also tend to get very Passionate about things.

If you had one modeling wish, which runway show would you love to walk the runway for?

Oh wow, that’s a hard question. I absolutely love runway theatrics and shows that don’t shy away from doing things a little differently. So I would love to walk the runway for Betsey Johnson, that would be a dream! Also Marco Marco does things incredibly different for his shows and I look forward to seeing his shows every season so that’d be amazing as well.

Booking email: Itstrayceshaw@gmail.com
Instagram: @Itstrayceshaw

FabFashionReport had an awesome time interviewing rising male model Trayce Shaw. We wish this young exciting talent the best of wishes and much success making his climb in the industry. We look forward to checking on and interviewing Trayce again in the future!