Deep Inside The Mind of Elicia Tate Model and Makeup Artist

Deep Inside The Mind of Elicia Tate Model and Makeup Artist

I first stumbled across Elicia Tate looking for upcoming talent to feature on FabFashionReport. She struck me as a beautiful model with the look to make it far in the industry.

But her bonus talent as a makeup artist makes her a double threat. So I reached out to Elicia for a interview and she gladly accepted.

Exclusive Interview:

Elicia Tate Model MUALateek: What city were you born and raised?

Elicia: Worcester, Mass.

Lateek: Where does your artistic influence come from and when did you start modeling?

Elicia: I’ve always been artistic whether it be dance, painting, photography, etc. Janet Jackson is always someone I looked up to. Modeling started back up again this year.

Lateek: Everyone has to start somewhere. What was your first job?

Elicia: Babysitting

Lateek: What was your most memorable challenge as a Model?

Elicia: Not to be stiff with shoulders.

Lateek: Who is your dream photographer to work with?

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Elicia: This may seem vain, but myself. Just so I can get a feel for both sides.

Elicia Tate Model MUA InterviewLateek: What advice do you have for other aspiring models?

Elicia: Just go for it, there’s something for everyone and if not make room.

Lateek: What upcoming event or fashion show are you looking forward to?

Elicia: My first music video

Lateek: What upcoming projects are you most excited about?

Elicia: Reaching 5k followers

Lateek: What does beauty mean to you?

Elicia: Strength, any one who is strong. No matter what physically and mentally strong.

Lateek: Tell me your experience as a makeup artist?

Elicia: I’ve been doing makeup for 10+ years, a lot has been self taught. I was a licensed cosmetologist, but I’ve learned more on my own then with school.

Lateek: What is your favorite product in your cosmetic arsenal?

Elicia: Probably my Profusion Contour Palette

unnamed-2_optLateek: What is the best makeup tip that you can offer our readers?

Elicia: Always keep moisturized for a nice base.

I enjoyed our interview with model/MUA Elicia Tate and look forward to featuring the young lady again in the future.

For bookings contact Elicia Tate for Makeup Artistry or Modeling at:

IG: @eliciatate

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