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How A Canadian Designer Made Racism Fashionable

One designer from Canada is boldly turning racism into a fashion statement. Liam Massaubi, who is the co-founder of the popular label Kanati Co. recently created a “Savage” clothing line. The line features handcrafted...
Flaws: Imperfect but Perfected

Flaws: Imperfect but Perfected

My Flaws make me “Imperfect” but by them I have become “Perfected”. At one time in my life, the need for me to feel and to be accepted blinded me from seeing my own true unique beauty. I...

Her Name Is Courage

No matter what she sees, yet she still finds the strength to move on. A life filled with many No’s and very little Yes’s she still finds the courage to move on. She work’s...
Blacker The Berry: Being Dark Skin In America

Blacker The Berry: Being Dark Skin In America

Through out African-American history dark skin blacks have been treated different from lighter skin blacks. I’m an old soul. My favorite “empowerment” song is by the late James Brown, Say it loud. I’m black and...
Love Thy Self

Love Thy Self

Many times one looks for love in all the wrong places, people and things forgetting that true love starts from within. To love is a matter of will and not emotion,“Love of Self is...
Walk Alone Miss Liv FabFashionReport

I Walk Alone

I Dare To Walk Alone. This past year I realized those who were against me and those who are for me. Sadly! Those who have my best interest are those who I barely even know. “Never...
Miss LIV FabFashionReport

Beauty Within Brown Skin

The black community skin color has and still is the most controversial topic talked about especially negatively targeted against black women of color. At a time our skin color determined whether we were deemed beautiful enough...
Inner Beauty: Diamond in the Rough

Inner Beauty: Diamond in the Rough

The beauty within brings forth light, a light so bright they all can see but many can’t handle it’s glare. Who would run from the Sunshine? The ray of energy, the source of strength...

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