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DIY All Natural Strawberry Facial Mask FabFashionReport_opt_opt

The Super Quick Strawberry Skin Facial

All natural skin facials are reinvigorating to our beauty and overall look. Here's a quick short recipe you can whip up in minutes at home to bring life to your skin. – 2 to 3...

Top 10 Favorite Nail Polish Brands

The first brand that I really like is by NYC, specifically their Long-Wearing Nail Enamel range. Not only do they last forever like the name suggests, but they are only 99 cents, which is...
Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette For Fall 2016 Collection

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette For Fall 2016 Collection

One of the most influential cosmetic companies on the planet has done it again Urban Decay delivers again with the release of their Naked Ultimate Basics Palette For Fall 2016 Collection. Urban Decay is the leader...
Homemade Coconut Banana Deep Conditioner Recipe FabFashionReport

Homemade Coconut Banana Deep Conditioner Recipe

Have you ever thought of trying a homemade fruit deep conditioner? That carries Vitamin, Minerals, and a load of hair benefits. Here’s a simple homemade Coconut Banana Conditioner Recipe you can try. Here is a...
6 Best Blow Dryers Money Can Buy

6 Best Blow Dryers Money Can Buy

In the world of professional hair stylist pro-level blow dryers are a secret weapon used by the best. Being able to dry hair without damage is important to your success as a stylist. Here...

Curly Faux Hawk Hair Tutorial With Morgan Brown

Learn how to create style vlogger Morgan Brown’s Curly Faux Hawk with this haircare and hairstyle tutorial using Garnier hair products. It's an edgy look your #CurlsCan flaunt day or night. Follow these steps to get...
My Favorite Shampoos For Hair Growth FabFashionReport

My Favorite Shampoos For Transitioning Natural Hair

Megan is a beauty vlogger based in Los Angeles. She explains her natural hair routine and favorite shampoos for transitioning natural hair. Megz has a popular Youtube channel with nearly half million subscribers. Current Hair Routine...
Sex Panther Cologne

Sex Panther Cologne

While we can’t officially comment on the amount of real panther bits contained in Sex Panther Cologne ($35), we can tell you that 60 percent of the time, it works every time — but you already...
Makeup Brushes and How To Take Care of Them FabFashionReport

Makeup Brushes and How To Take Care of Them

Thanks for returning to my little corner here on FabFashionReport! I am Jessi from DreamyEyesArtistry. My Very First article was on the top makeup brushes of 2015. Now, I am here to talk to you...
Natural Beauty Youtube Vloggers

Top 20 Natural Hair Women On Youtube (Video)

This is a documentary on the Top 20 Natural Channels on Youtube I hope this video inspires more black women to go natural and embrace their natural hair: Also Check Out: 3 Youtube Beauty Vloggers To...

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