6 Best Fashion Magazines In The World You Should Subscribe

6 Best Fashion Magazines In The World You Should Subscribe

The most untouchable fashion magazines in the world.

There are dozens of high quality print magazines in the fashion and beauty world. But being labeled the best fashion magazines in the world is a tough challenge. Well established brands rule both print and online platforms.

FabFashionReport researched the top, most influential, largest, and best fashion magazines in the world.

6. InStyle – Delivering the fashion, beauty and celebrity buzz you need to know. Owned by Time Inc. the publication was founded in 1994. It was one of the first magazines of its type to have a famous musical artist or actor as the cover model.

Furthermore, InStyle is distributed nationally and internationally is based in the United States. The managing editor is Ariel Foxman who has been with the magazine since 1999. Subscribe to InStyle Magazine

5. Glamour – Founded in 1939 and first published in April 1939 in the United States, it was originally called Glamour of Hollywood. Editions of the magazine are now published in Fourteen countries. In 1943 is when the magazine changed it’s name to Glamour.

Glamour was the first women’s magazine to feature an African-American covergirl when it included Katiti Kironde on the cover of its college issue in August 1968. Subscribe to Glamour Magazine

4. Marie Claire – The magazine was first published in France in 1937. The publication covers fashion, style, beauty, and health. Founded by Jean Prouvost and Marcelle Auclair. Currently, Marie Claire publishes editions in over 35 countries on 5 continents. Subscribe to Marie Claire

3. Vogue – An American fashion and lifestyle magazine that is published monthly in 23 different national and regional editions by Condé Nast. Originally, founded in 1892 as a weekly newspaper and sold for 10 Cents. Subscribe to Vogue Magazine

2. Harper’s Bazaar – A women’s fashion magazine first published in 1867. Owner by the Hearst Company its aimed at women in the middle and upper class. Bazaar assembles photographers, artists, designers and writers to deliver perspectives into the world of fashion, beauty and popular culture on a monthly basis. Subscribe to Harper’s Bazaar

  1. ELLE – Founded in France in 1945 ELLE caters to fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment. Taking the crown as the worlds best-selling fashion magazine ELLE reigns supreme. In 2007 the website of Elle was launched and is a prime destination for fashion lovers worldwide.

The magazine has 43 international editions in over 60 countries. The Elle brand is a global network encompassing over 33 websites. There are 33 Elle websites globally, which collectively attract over 25 million unique visitors and 370 million page views per month. The magazine reaches over 69 million readers. This brand is the example of world dominance! Subscribe to ELLE Magazine

Which magazines are you already subscribed and what do you love about them?