6 Best Blow Dryers Money Can Buy

6 Best Blow Dryers Money Can Buy

In the world of professional hair stylist pro-level blow dryers are a secret weapon used by the best. Being able to dry hair without damage is important to your success as a stylist. Here are some of the best hair blow dryers money can buy for that professional look.

Designed to cut down on frizz and works great for curly haired women. Packed with a diffuser attachment that can be used for many purposes. It has 50 air vents and is shaped like a hand.

This dryer is like the Cadillac of blow-dryers priced at around $700. This is a professional grade ionic dryer that pushes 2,300 watts of power. Admired by the pros this dryer is worth the money if you’re truly a professional. It uses less electricity, it’s lightweight, and cuts hair dry time by 85 percent.

This blow dryer is super lightweight and uses ceramics/infrared heat to make hair dry faster. It sports a sleek and sexy look.

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This super dryer use less heat than any other dryer on the market. We all know heat is not good for your hair and it uses a 1,875-watt AC motor but only goes up to 299 degrees to avoid causing damage, dryness, and frizz.

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This fancy smancy blow dry is by beauty legend Paul Mitchell. It sports an LED display screen, power settings, rubbery matte finish which protects the dryer.

This blow dryer won the 2014 Best of Beauty Award and worth every bit of it’s price. Pushing 1,875 watts of power, a cool-shot button that actually blows cool air, and most important, the ability to toggle between ionic and nonionic heat, depending on the style you’re going for (use ionic for sleek styles and nonionic if you’re after volume).


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