Alexander Wang Wins Lawsuit Against Counterfeiters for $90 Million

Alexander Wang Wins $90 Million Lawsuit Against Counterfeiters
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Victory for Alexander Wang in Anticounterfeit and Cybersquatting Case

The legendary designer Alexander Wang has won a gigantic victory as against the world of Counterfeiting for $90 million dollars. Wang sued over 45 targets for his lawsuit, these targets run and operate nearly 460 websites that have sold counterfeited Alexander Wang merchandise.

Alexander Wang Wins Lawsuit Against Counterfeiters for $90 Million
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Furthermore, as a result of Mr. Wang’s efforts to file suit. The designer has won a major victory for the fashion world. The creative masterminds behind the top brands worldwide should applaud the designer. As a result, this is a step towards preventing future Counterfeiting within the fashion industry.

Wang actually won the cause by default because none of the defendants appeared in court to defend their sites. In addition, most websites selling counterfeit goods normally register under fake names and information.

Consequently, he may never get the $90 million he was awarded, but it’s still a victory. The defendants operating these counterfeit website domains are nearly impossible to track down and located.

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When speaking with WWD, a spokesperson for the brand revealed: “The court system regularly awards very large amounts for the symbolic significance, as a means of deterring other individuals and parties. In other words, Alexander Wang is unlikely to receive $90 million.”

“Protecting our brand requires maintaining constant vigilance on a global scale as well as taking proactive measures such as sending cease and desist orders directly to domestic and foreign counterfeiters as well as contacting website servers that host counterfeit sites,” added chief principle officer, Dennis Wang, in the brand’s statement. “The creativity and originality of our designs are the foundation upon which the company is based.”

Finally, as part of the case 459 domain names were locked and the defendants’ assets frozen. Alexander Wang is now the owner of those website names such as like, and many more.

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