10 Black Female Fashion Bloggers To Follow (Part 2)

10 Black Female Fashion Bloggers To Follow Part 2

Fashion bloggers are the bloodline of the fashion industry. Bloggers are who keep the big name websites updated with the latest news. FabFashionReport spent time and researched the top 10 black female fashion bloggers to follow, subscribe, and get tips from. Being a black female fashion blogger with style is a task all in it’s own.

Check out part-2 of our female fashion bloggers to follow:

Peanut Butter Trysts

Florie’s blog is HARD! What’s not to love? Her ever evolving hairstyles and cuts, her edgy outfits, the DIY posts…go see for yourself.

Because I Am Fabulous

Elegant, sexy and taurean..hehehe:) Sai Sankoh’s blog is my guilty pleasure.

Fashion Bomb Daily

Created by Claire Sulmers, the Fashion Bomb Blog is the shiznit. If you want to know what is happening in the fashion industry (almost even before it’s happened..yes Claire always beats me when it comes to fresh news. Damn) FB is surely one of the best fashion blogs. Fashion Bomb Blog is a must. Fashion Bomb Daily carries so much variety including celebrity style, runway style, what to wear, Claire’s personal style, bloggers’ style and street style. You’ll love it. Guaranteed. 
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Faintly Masculine

Ariel’s blog is aptly titled. Admittedly, her style may be faintly masculine and she may only shop in the menswear department but hell, Ariel’s one of the best looking bloggers out there. 

Nu Sophisticate

Discover Jillian’s world, the 9-5 attorney with a passion for fashion. She’s glam to the core.

Tiki’s Thoughts

Wise words and witty yet thought-provoking daily posts by our very own Tiki. Not your usual fashion/style blog; Tiki’s Thoughts delves into her daily  encounters and gives insight on juicy topics that we all love to read about: Sex, dating and yes her close encounter with death. 

Ring My Bell

British belle, Ashley Madekwe off of Revenge (one of my favourite series released this year!) has got a serious passion for fashion off camera. Her character on Revenge may not be my favourite (sorry Ash, Emily takes this one), but her fashion sense is just off the chain.

The Daileigh

Ashleigh from Maryland was ‘born in heels’ (her words). Her blog, The Daileigh captures her love for shopping, fashion and shoes. Her looks are uber-inspiring. 

Irony of Ashi

Ashi is the IT girl of blogging. Period. She wears the most accessible things and makes them statement pieces. 

Reine Roi

This blogger combines simplicity and elegance with little effort. You won’t regret it checking her style posts out.